OPEN / 11:00-17:00
CLOSED / Monday
(If Monday is a japanease holiday, closed the day following a national holiday.)

How about hand-made sweets for birthday or anniversary of your loved ones?
Please feel free to call us for details of your requests.
TEL : +81(87)892-2012

Drink* tax not included

  • Coffee (Hot or Iced)400yen
  • Cafe au lait (Hot or Iced)450yen
  • Tea (Hot or Iced / with lemon, milk or black)400yen
  • Yuzu tea (Hot or Iced)400yen
  • Corn tea (Hot or Iced)400yen
  • Cocoa (Hot or Iced)500yen
  • Orange juice300yen
  • Apple juice300yen
  • Mixed juice500yen
  • CALPIS400yen
  • Coke350yen
  • Beer (350ml)450yen
  • A glass of wine450yen


  • Japanese style Hamburg-steak combo meal850yen
  • Hamburg-steak combo meal850yen
  • Grilled meat combo meal850yen
  • Grilled meat combo meal(Large size)950yen
  • Spaghetti with shrimp in tomato cream sauce850yen
  • Spaghetti with mushrooms and cream cheese sauce850yen
  • Carbonara850yen
  • Vongole bianco850yen
  • Spaghetti bolognese with meatballs850yen
  • Beef bowl700yen
  • Chicken and Egg Rice bowl700yen
  • Fried eggplant with Chinese chilli sauce Rice bowl.700yen
  • Korean-style fried rice with ribs and kimchi850yen
  • Udon noodle with fried beans curd400yen
  • Udon noodle with meat450yen
  • *Coffee or Tea (Hot or Iced) is an extra 200yen.

2794-11 Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa Prefecture Tel・Fax:(087)892-2012